“Welcome and thank you for joining us on our website today. We look forward to sharing our goals and philosophies concerning the planning we do for our clients. In a sea of wealth and financial planners, we hope we can be that beacon in the storm. In today’s ever changing economy, it is more critical than ever to have a secure financial foundation that is not based on the whims and trends to today, but based on long-term proven and successful strategies that have weathered many storms. At Trigg Financial Group, PLLC, our goal is to ensure a long-term, sustainable management of your estate and to help create a legacy for the generations to come. We look forward to working with you and to help accomplish your vision and goals for your estate.”

-Ralph M. Trigg, CEA


"Ralph Trigg is one of a kind. You can absolutely go to the Bank on his word. He has been most helpful with my entire family in directing our financial needs. He is a person who gives one hundred percent of his time to those in need. I have no hesitation in recommending my friends to him as I know they are in good hands when they are with him."

Thomas P. Allen, Jr.

Retired Federal Judge


"Ralph has always made himself available to assist my wife and I with our yearly financial planning and insurance needs. He is trustworthy, professional, and an extraordinary father to three children and a great husband to his wife."

John Cowens

Retired School Teacher


"For the past 7 years Ralph Trigg has been my Financial Advisor, and as we know, I'm probably not the easiest client to satisfy.  He has gone the extra mile for me many times.  His judgment is sound, has diversified my investments with minimal risk. He has always expeditiously followed thru, with detail to any concern I may have had. We have further developed a genuine friendship, and for that I'm grateful. Last, but certainly not least is Nicole.  Truly a joy to work with.  What a great Team at Trigg Financial.  I look forward to our continued relationship in future years."

Russ Lambeth

Retired Business Owner and CEO